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tonight, word of a major cyber attack targeting our nation's military secrets. plus, casey anthony appears to have some secret admirers. the gifts are coming from all over. regular people sending cash to casey anthony even while she sits behind bars. we will see what's behind the generosity and it's not all love. tonight, new word of threats on casey's life a quick lesson on how not to catch a shark. >> you have got to lean away. lean away. >> next time you might want to stay out of the water. tonight, a fisherman finds the tail end of trouble. plus, actress mila kunis and the marine. >> i just want to take a moment out of my day to invite you to the marine corps ball. >> it's in november. >> i goal. >> will you? because right now it seems like
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you are having second thoughts. tonight is, this hollywood star really going to cancel her date with a marine? first, on fox report tonight, a foreign government has hacked into a pentagon contractor and stolen tens of thousands of computer files. i'm harris faulkner in tonight for shepard smith. we begin tonight with what we're being told is one of the largest ever cyber attacks against our military. the hack attack apparently happened in march but the deputy secretary of defense just revealed the details today. and it's worth noting this comes just a month after the new defense secretary leon panetta warned america's next pearl harbor could come over the internet. jennifer griffin with the news live at the pentagon tonight. and, jennifer, what do we know so far about what they got in this attack. >> well, harris, the revelation came during a speech outlining the new pentagon cyber strategy deputy defense secretary william lind dropped this bombshell that in march the pentagon had experienced one of its largest
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cyber thefts ever. >> this was significant and it was a defense contractor. it was data-related to systems that are being developed for the department of defense. it was large, 24 hours files. it was done, we think, by a foreign intelligence service. nation state was behind it. >> there are an estimated 60,000 probes involving malicious software program trying to break into pentagon systems every day we're told. >> harris: jennifer, do you have any idea specifically which foreign government may have done it? >> secretary lynn would not name names although he added that the peck has a good idea which foreign government the cyber attack emanated from. he was clear it was not an individual but a nation state behind the attack. in the past china's military has been the leading suspect in these kind of probes. in may lockheed martin the maker of the super stealth joint strike fighter revealed it had been the victim of a cyber
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attack and valuable data for that program had been compromised. harris? >> harris: jennifer griffin live for us in d.c. thank you very much. news corps chairman and chief executive officer rupert murdoch now publicly defending his company against a tabloid hacking scandal. news corps owns fox news and other outlets. investigators saying staffers at the news of the world tabloid hacked into the voice mail accounts of people they were covering. news corps has since closed down that newspaper but the controversy has continued and now murdock is telling the "wall street journal" which is his company also, that news corps handled the crisis, quote, extremely well and in every way possible and only made minor mistakes. he is also promising to create an independent committee to, quote, investigate every charge of improper conduct. both rupert murdoch and chief operating officer james murdock plan to appear before british lawmakers to answer questions about the scandal. we're told both men will appear
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before a parliamentary committee on tuesday. as this comes a source confirms to fox news the fbi has opened an investigation into whether news corps staffers tried to hack into the phones of 9/11 victims. yesterday new york congressman peter king requested the fbi examine allegations that news paper staffers tried to get 9/11 victims' phone records. now, it appears that investigation has officially begun. the perjury trial for former baseball star roger clemens ended very suddenly today when the judge declared a mistrial. it happened during the second day of testimony when prosecutors showed jurors some evidence they were not supposed to see. after that, the judge said there was no way clemens could get a fair trial. the government accuses clemens of lying to congress when he gave testimony denying he used performance-enhancing drugs. >> i have been accused of something i'm not guilty of. how do you prove a negative? no matter what we discuss here today, i'm never going to have my name restored.
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but i have got to try to set the record straight. let me be clear, i have never taken steroids or hgh. >> harris: the judge scheduling a hearing for september to determine whether to hold a new trial. chief fox correspondent jonathan hunt is live in our new york city newsroom with more on us. jonathan, what evidence were they not supposed to see? >> well, they were watching more of that video testimony from 2008. and in it a member of congress made reference to the wife of clemens' former yankee teammate roger petit. the reference concerned laura petit saying that her husband had told her that clemens had, indeed, admitted to him that he took human growth hormone. now, the judge walton had already ruled that that sort of evidence should be inadmissible because it amounted to hearsay. so the minute he heard it on the video, he stopped the trial, took the recess, came back, and ruled that it was a mistrial and he scolded the prosecution
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saying, quote: i think that a first year law student would know that you can't bolster the credibility of one witness with clearly inadmissible evidence. it seemed the judge reggie walton was extremely annoyed with the prosecution. harris? harris harris well, i mentioned there was this hearing coming up in september. what happens now? >> well, most legal experts seem to believe that judge walton will allow the prosecution to go ahead with another trial if they choose to do so. and that decision will presumably be made at that hearing on september 2nd. meanwhile, roger clemens is celebrating this victory. he went straight from the courthouse today to a local and very swanky d.c. restaurant to celebrate with his defense team. then we caught -- our cameras caught him later leaving that restaurant looking, as you can see there, very much more relaxed than he was when he went into court. no word on where the prosecution team was at the time, probably
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at another restaurant eating humble pie. harris? >> harris: very nicely put, jonathan hunt, thank you very much. the transportation security administration reporting its officers found 13 knives in a man's carry-on bag at baltimore-washington international airport. this coming on the heels of a congressional report claiming there have been at least 25,000 airport security breaches in the past decade. we're told this latest incident happened last week. and according to the t.s.a. spokesman, security noticed the knives when the bag went through the x-ray machine. switch blades and a butterfly knife reportedly among the weapons found. the suspect, who was on his way to minnesota claims is he a knife collector. but now he faces charges including possession of a deadly weapon. meanwhile, police in yuma, arizona arresting an army private. they say he tried to board a plane to los angeles with a quarter ounce of military explosives. a criminal complaint accuses the soldier of stealing the explosives during a recent training course. 19 days to go before the white house says the nation may have
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to make some painful choices about which bills to pay. president obama just met again with house and senate leaders about the debt limit. so, how are the talks going? >> republicans will not be reduced to being the tax collectors for the obama economy. we won't be seduced into calling a bad deal a good deal. >> my message to the republicans who are stopping this from extending the debt ceiling is if they bring this economy down, they have broken it and they own it. >> harris: 19 days. we are live at the white house next. and apparently not everybody is outraged over the casey anthony verdict. wait until you hear what some of her fans are sending her while she is still in jail. from the journalists of fox news, this is "the fox report." woman: saving for our child's college fund was getting expensive.
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>> harris: time is running out, that's the warning from the treasury secretary and the standoff over raising the nation's debt limit. take a listen. >> we have looked at all available options. and we have no way to give congress more time to solve this problem, and we're rung out of time. and the eyes of the country are on us. the eyes of the world are on us. >> harris: if there is no deal by august 2nd, the white house says the feds will have to make heinous choices about which bills to pay. here is what could be on the chopping block according to the bipartisan policy center. social security checks, military salaries, veterans benefits, unemployment benefits and student loans.
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now senate democrats warning of other possible consequences. >> millions of americans could lose their jobs. interest rates would rise, not only for the government, but for ordinary americans as well. those americans will pay more for their mortgages, they will pay more to use a credit card or buy a car or finance university education. they will even pay more for their electric bills, groceries and gas. >> harris: some republicans calling those warnings scare tactics but leaders of both political parties agreeing that we cannot let the u.s. default on its debt. mike emanuel live for us tonight at the white house. mike, things apparently got a little at the timey last night. what do we know about today's meeting? >> harris, sounds like a much calmer scene on day five of consecutive days with meetings here at the white house. for one, we know the president told the leaders around the table, quote: it is decision-time. we need concrete plans to move this forward. they are going to take a break from meetings tomorrow. the president of the unite states will talk to reporters, take some questions to update
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where things stand. and then they are going to give these respective leaders 24 to 36 hours to figure out what they can sell to their respective caucuses or constituencies, harris? >> harris: i understand from these meetings because they have them. they had one on sunday. they keep having them. the sometimes the toughest talk actually happens when they are not in the meeting. >> no question about that there was some really harsh language earlier today. a lot of finger-pointing by democrats at house leader eric cantor while republicans were firing back as well. here's senator mitch mcconnell. >> if the president wants to threaten seniors or veterans or rattle the world economy by pretending he he can't pay our bills, he, of course, can do that. but he is not going to implicate republicans in these efforts. >> bottom line, we are hearing a much different tone at tonight's meeting after a little over an hour they decided to wrap it up, go back to their respective constituencies to figure out what could sell. the president reiterating once again that he did not want a short-term plan that might be
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affected by election politics when it comes to our national debt. hairs? >> harris: all right. mike emanuel, thank you very much. california democratic governor jerry brown signing a bill which will now require public schools in that state to teach gay history. the democrat sponsored bill passed in the state ledge ler largely among party lines last week it will make california the first state in the nation to include lessons about gays and lesbians in its social studies curriculum. critics claim the lesson might find content. governor brown says history should be honest. john edwards set to go on trial sooner than his attorneys apparently had wanted. the judge setting the date for october. edwards' team requested january saying they are waiting for more documents from prosecutors. the feds saying the former presidential candidate used political donations during his unsuccessful white house bid in 2008 to hide his affair with rielle hunter and their baby. they also accuse him of filing false campaign finance reports.
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edwards admits he has done wrong but insists he has not broken any laws. casey anthony enjoying some extra special attention now like some cash. people have started sending this woman money behind bars. on the flip side, new details of death threats against her. plus, did you hear all those reports that actress mila kunis is backing out of her date with a marine? kunis is now looking to clear up any confusion about a night out with sergeant scott moore. and an amazing image of the shuttle launch that actually takes us back in time. don't miss the pic that's gone viral on the web. [ female announcer ] goodnight gluttony,
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>> harris: casey anthony isn't
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even out of jail yet and already she is making money on her fame. she is due to walk free this sunday after a jury in florida acquitted her of murdering her daughter cailee and fox news has now confirmed people all over the nation have been sending her cash for her jail house account. hundreds of dollars since that not guilty verdict last week. our phil keating covered the trial for us and he is live in south florida newsroom now. what is up with this, phil? >> harris, some of them believe she is innocent. others simply just want to help. the donations to casey anthony's jail house account from $10 money orders all the way to $100 cover things like snacks, toothpaste, et cetera. in all 20 people nationwide have given, colorado florida's christie davis who said the jury got it right. >> and she wanted to buy herself a candy bar or some shampoo or whatever she wanted to do, i just wanted her to know that we're all not haters. some of us still have compassion. >> i also spoke with johnny bradfield in texas who son gary
7:20 pm
sent casey a gift quote he was on this innocent until proven guilty things. all of our kids have big hearts. i think he just felt sort for her. jail house records show casey anthony's account has about $500 in it nearly half of which was deposited afr the jury acquitted casey anthony of killing her daughter caylee. harris? >> harris: wow, i understand that along with cash she is also getting the flip side of that death threats from people out there. >> yes. the death threats still due to come in and also they are going towards members of her defense team, that according to cheney mason whom i spoke with on the phone. he said when she finally goes free on sunday where casey anthony goes as a free woman will absolutely remain a top secret. >> cannot tell you where she is going to end up because of the mentality of some of the public and the persistence of the lynch mob out there, we wouldn't tell anybody any time, period where she is going to be is some place
7:21 pm
safe. >> somewhere in the u.s.? >> i'm not going to tell you that either. somewhere on planet earth. >> as far as casey anthony perhaps staying at mr. maven's house, he laughed at that and said not true. harris? >> harris: yeah. somewhere on planet earth. some want to kill her. some want to pay her. there is also a hearing tomorrow and a different situation involving casey. >> yeah. 8:00 a.m. emergency hearing in downtown orlando. it has to do with the defamation lawsuit that has to do with the real gonzalez, the fake name casey anthony gave to her family and to the cops of the so-called zanny the nanny who kidnapped cailee all of which, of course, a total law. gonzalez's attorney wants to depose anthony in jail before she is released and possibly goes into hiding. however, casey's civil attorney charles green tells me there is absolutely no reason to depose her behind bars on her last day in jail because that defamation trial isn't even until next year. >> harris: okay. phil keating live from florida. thank you very much.
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you know prosecutors have just charged another young florida mom in the death of her toddler. it's a case that has startling similarities to casey anthony's. the sheriff in hernando county in january tiffany lynn mitchell's daughter died oxycodone overdose. at first mitchell told detectives she didn't know where the child got the narcotic. investigators say she eventually admitted she left a pill on the nightstand and that her daughter had swallowed it. the 26-year-old mom is now charged with negligent manslaughter. the four astronauts on board shuttle "atlantis" enjoying a little relaxation at this hour. nasa giving the rest of the day off to them after the crew spent day seven of the last ever shuttle mission unloading equipment and talking with reporters. "atlantis" launched 30 years after nasa's first ever shuttle mission. and along both those journeys watching from earth that is a father and son who love space kenneth bray and his son chris showing off the pics they of have the very first and very
7:23 pm
last shuttle launches. somebody snapped the photo back in 1981 on the causeway of the kennedy space center at the first liftoff. fast forward 30 years the brays went back for the final countdown to capture nearly the exact same point of view. but as you can see the son is now holding a digital video camera. and the dad has got a little salt and pepper going in the hair. a representative for the benefit -- friends with benefits star mila kunis says the actress will attend the marine corps ball in november despite reports that she was reconsidering the date. you will recall a pennsylvania marine stationed in afghanistan had asked the actress out via youtube. >> hey, mila, sergeant warren, you can call me scott. i want to take a moment out of my day to invite you to the marine corps ball on november 18th, greenville, north carolina with yours truly. >> harris: seems like a nice guy. he needed a little help though. mila's co-star justin timberlake then stepped in to help out. >> you know what man?
7:24 pm
i'm going to work on this for you. >> can you explain what this is? >> he invited you to the marine corps ball. >> when is the marine corps ball. >> like in november something. >> november what? >> i don't know. >> i'll go. >> harris: hey. a number of outlets though reported today kunis has two films in production later this year and there may have been a scheduling conflict. but now, now it appears it's solved. the date is a-go. young love. foreclosures are down across our nation. so why are some experts warning the housing market is still far from stable? details ahead in a live report. plus -- >> got to lean away. lean away -- >> harris: yeah, lean away. swimming with sharks is one thing. picking a fight one is just crazy. one state's budget battle may be over which could be welcome news for beer brewers and drinkers. we'll explain. mine was earned over the south pacific in 1943.
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>> harris: sometimes there is a simple solution if you just find yourself swimming with sharks. get back in your boat. but it wasn't so easy for a fisherman in california who found himself in serious trouble as he tried to land an 8 footer in a kayak. >> lean away. lean away. you have got to lean away. lean away, lean away. >> harris: leanel away? dude. that's when things got really interesting. trace gallagher live in our west coast news hubble. trace, what happened? >> harris, yeah, he was a half mile off the coast of santa barbara and he was in the water holding this shark by the tail. if he let go of the shark might attack. the question in this whole thing was how long could he hold on? >> all of a sudden that reel starts screaming. there is no sound like a reel screaming to get you excited. >> screaming line means big fish. in this case big shark, an
7:29 pm
8-foot thresher. after fighting to reel it in david was not about to let it go without getting a picture. but that requires the cooperation of the shark and apparently the trick is to grab the tail and hang it upside down. >> theoretically it chills it out and then you are able to lift the shark on your lap, take that photo on air united states the gills and release the shark. >> so much for shark theory. instead of chilling the shark bucked and the boat flipped and he found himself in the water holding on to a shark. his buddy scotty west guard kept the video rolling. >> once you are in the water it's a whole different scenario. you can see that shot of that shark dangling below him. at any moment that shark could have launched up and taken his achilles out, a calf, a thy. >> thigh. for 30 minutes he tried to keep his bite from biting him. turns out he wasn't as concerned about his toes as his tackle. >> ways worried about all my gear. i was afraid i lost a reel or
7:30 pm
rod. i forgot if i tied everything down. to tell you the truth, i was terrified that i had lost a bunch of stuff. >> and with some help from his friends he was able to flip that kayak back upright and he pulled himself and the shark back in. so now harris, when he tells his shark tale, he has got the picture to prove it. >> harris: and a whole lot of news reel as well. great story. >> uninjured. >> harris: trace, thank you. i'm harris faulkner in tonight for shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour. time now for the top of the news. >> the head of the foreclosure listing service realtytrac says there is a, quote, ominous shadow over the housing market as we enter the second half of 2011 even as the company reports banks threaten to take away fewer people's homes in the first half of this year. realtytrac reporting one out of every 111 homes received a foreclosure-related notice in january through june. that's actually down about 25% from the latter part of 2010.
7:31 pm
lori rothman of the fox business network joins us live from our new york city newsroom. on the surface, this sounds like good news. foreclosure notices are down. so what is the ominous shadow? >> why wouldn't it sound like great news, harris? foreclosures are down. but this is what the shadow is all about. there are still some 3 million severely distressed loans out there about to default. about to fall into foreclosure. so, realtytrac is saying this is just delaying the inevitable. there is an absolute bottleneck in the processing of these foreclosures. and don't forget one property in one neighborhood that goes into foreclosure depresses the value of an entire neighborhood. >> harris: well, you know, this is probably the number that will keep a lot of people up. this is a big number. we are hearing now it could take another seven years before the housing market turns itself around. >> we have had a couple years harris where prices have declined. economists say price could say fall further. this foreclosure paperwork
7:32 pm
bottleneck that realtytrac is reporting to us today it could take several years. looking at a new reality for the housing market. very troubling. what could turn things around. realtytrac does come up with a couple of ideas. the theme is remove the government impediment. some of the ideas leave higher limits for fanny and freddie loans they still do carry a large portion, majority, in fact, of large homes. mortgaged damage tax credit. as far as going forward i spoke with rick sharga today he did this survey. it looks like foreclosures may continue to fall from here. new realty for the housing market six to seven years until we might see a true turn around in the u.s. housing market. >> harris: lori rothman part of the best team in business. thank you very much. she is on every weekday 1:00 eastern. she is being modest. she knows it's true. 10:00 a.m. pacific on the fox business network. fewer americans out of work last
7:33 pm
week. the number of people filing first time claim for jobless benefits fell by 22,000. bigger drop than analysts were expecting. stocks fell as well after ben bernanke says the central bank is not ready to buy more government debt. the dow falling 53 points. the nasdaq down 34. the s&p 500 off by 9. minnesota could soon be back in business. the governor there says there is a deal to end the state's two-week long government shutdown and the legislature could approve it within days. the budget standoff has closed state parks, delayed construction projects and put thousands of people out of work. it also threatened beer sales. officials told miller coors to put its products from stores, bars, and restaurants back on. they said the company's licenses had expired and there were no workers to renew them. a crane collapse is destroying one car and damaging several others our top story on a fox trip across america.
7:34 pm
north carolina. that crane was working on a parking facility southwest of raleigh when it fell. this guy says he saw it happen. >> all of a sudden the crane started coming over. it was -- it was unreal to be honest with you. >> harris: the crane hit some vehicles, completely crushing this car. we're told three people were hurt, none seriously. new york. a two-story rental home exploding northeast of albany killing four people. these pics show the aftermath. this man says he ran to help. >> we just pulled everybody out safely as we could there was people laying on the ground deceased and whatnot. it just really a tragedy. >> harris: police saying a propane leak responsible. texas, a construction worker falling more than 50 feet down a hole drilled for a concrete pier outside dallas. fire crews lowered down an emergency worker who put a harness on the man and helped get him out. iowa. forget writing essays to get
7:35 pm
into school. one nba program south of cedar rapids asking applicants to send tweets on the social network twitter instead. >> you are in an elevator with a ceo, you would want to say something really creative very quickly and that's what a tweet allows our candidates to do. the winner could also get a $37,000 scholarship. and that's a fox watch across america. a severe hailstorm taking aim on colorado's capital city and grounding dozens of flights at denver international airport. the falling ice chunks damaging at least 40 planes and stranding nearly 1,000 passengers overnight including wisconsin governor scott walker. he tweeted about the delay, quote: i have been in the same suit for the past 28 hours. but we are about to depart for salt lake city so i'm happy. the staff here was wonderful. end tweet. betty ford has come home to michigan. at the former first lady's funeral, tears and. [ laughter laughter as family members share some of their favorite memories of her.
7:36 pm
what was once a pile of rubble in lower manhattan has become a source of inspiration across this nation and around the world. fox follows the steel from the original world trade center. stay close. [ cat meows ] ♪ [ whistles ] ♪ [ cat meows ] ♪ [ ting! ] [ male announcer ] travelers can help you protect the things you care abt and save money with multi-policy discounts. are you getting the coverage you need and the discounts you deserve? for an agent or quote, call 800-my-coverage or visit we're putting them to the test against the speed of a rescue unit. go ! they're downloading a music album. the first network to finish gets rescued. does your phone know that we're racing ? done !
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>> harris: friends, family members and political leaders saying goodbye today to former first lady betty ford. ♪ amazing grace ♪ how sweet the sound
7:39 pm
♪ that saved a wretch like me. >> harris: ford's funeral in the same michigan church where more than six decades ago she married her husband former president gerald ford. at today's service former president bill clinton, former vice president dick cheney and former first lady barbara bush. ford's family burying her next to her husband, the only president from michigan. today would have been that president's 98th birthday. steve brown is live in grand rapids michigan tonight. mourners remembering betty ford for her accomplishments after she left the white house. >> absolutely. she helped establish the world's very first hospital dedicated only to drug and alcohol treatment after battling her dependency issues. oddly enough, a humorous story today at the funeral services here in town by son steve ford.
7:40 pm
he was recounting telling his own mother about his alcoholism. >> i think i'm an alcoholic. and she was just like every other mother in the country. she said oh, no, my son is not an alcoholic. you can't be an alcoholic. i said mom, stop. you can't be in denial. you are like betty ford, you know. [ laughter ] >> you are like the poster child for this thing. >> in attendance and laughing at the steve ford remark were both former first lady barbara bush and former president bill clinton. harris? >> harris: well, others were remembering another night, election night in 1976 when betty ford delivered her husband's concession speech, i understand. >> it was a true partnership. and like a lot of presidential candidates when you get down to the end there is nothing left in the tank in terms of your voice. so, on election night, gerald ford went to the microphone. he muffled through some remarks. the actual concession speech or the reading of the letter of
7:41 pm
concession telegram, if you will, to jimmy carter was read by betty ford. a true partnership and now they are here on the grounds of the ford museum buried side by side. harris? >> harris: so much history there today. steve brown thank you very much. a ground breaking step for women's rights in afghanistan taking place right here on u.s. soil. four young women set to become the first female pilots in the afghan air force. they arrived this week at lack land air force base in san antonio to begin studying english and head to alabama's fort rutgers. they are proud to pave the way for equal rights in native afghanistan where women are still struggling with the basic rights after the fall of the taliban. now, the rise of freedom. we have been falling the rebuilding of the world trade center site for months. we are seeing amazing progress, especially at the national 9/11 memorial and museum. it will include steel beams from the original world trade center. but even if you can't get to new york, you may still be able to
7:42 pm
see a piece of the twin towers in person. ♪ ♪ >> a forklift operator carefully places an 8500-pound piece of the twin towers on to the back of a truck. >> we're going to be taking the steel down to brooklyn, new jersey. >> travel properly. >> somber scenes like this happening several times a week at new york's jfk airport. teams from towns across america taking home world trade center steel for their own 9/11 memorials. >> present arms. >> treating it with the same respect they would give any other fallen hero. >> people come out there with escorts and fire trucks and people on motorcycles and they escort it sometimes hundreds of miles. >> the port authority of new york and new jersey giving away
7:43 pm
15,000 linear feet of steel it's been storing at the airport hanger since 2001. the few hundred pieces left already spoken for. because the metal is crime scene evidence, a town's request has to be approved by a federal judge. >> we want to make sure the steel is going to be open to the public. it's got to be done in a dignified, open manner that people for generations will be able to see it. >> folks stop what they are doing as the rusted metal beams make their way to the final resting places. >> i really felt that i needed to bring my kids down and see it. >> some touch it and pray. >> that there are no more lives lost. >> others come to feel closer to loved ones lost that day. >> he was on the 104th floor of the north tower. >> makes me reflect wonder if it's where my brother was. >> the steel going to all 50 states and seven foreign countries. some memorials already complete like this o in colorado and this one in italy. ♪ and guide us. >> most like brooklyn, new
7:44 pm
jersey's will be unveiled on september 11th. it will include a damaged piece of pentagon stone and soil from near the flight 93 crash site in pennsylvania. >> people in crisis, they be invited here, bring a lawn chair. sit on a bench. sit back and reflect. do i have it really that bad? and hopefully it will change their perspective. >> jonathan hunt, fox news. >> harris: such a beautiful reminder of just how resilient we are as americans. that museum will also include a flag that construction workers recovered from the wreckage of the world trade center. we have told you about it in previous rise of freedom stories. the flag in sheds when they found it but americans across this country have been helping to stitch it back together. and in some cases patching it up with pieces of flags that survived other disasters. today the flag was in washington, d.c.
7:45 pm
9/11 relatives and members of congress adding their stitches. the head of the organization in charge of the project saying the gold is to finish the repair job by this september 11th. >> our hope and our prayer is that it not only tells a story about what happened on 9/11 but it tells the story about what happened on 9/12 when americans came together to help each other recover from disaster. that's what the national 9/11 flag is all about. >> harris: we have another story about the rise of freedom every week here on "the fox report" and you can can watch the entire series on our web site the controversial venezuelan leader hugo chavez is back home after that emergency surgery surgery to remove a cancerous tumor. now we are getting an idea of just how big it had gotten. that's ahead. plus, doctors fear a young football player would never walk again. well, you know what? that was nine months ago. wait until you see what he is up to now.

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